How to Set Up Your Rolex Watch Winder for the First Time

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So you have finally bought yourself the best watch winder for Rolex. So, how do you set it up for your watch? Setting up a watch winder for the first time could be challenging, especially if you’re worried about breaking your beloved Rolex watch. There are several methods and steps that you can do in order to set up your watch winder perfectly while minimizing the risk of breaking your watch. 

Preparing your watch and winder

Watch winder must be chosen based on the required turns per day (TPD) and rotational winding direction of your watch. In order to prepare your watch for a winder, you have to understand that a watch winder wouldn’t work for a watch that has completely stopped. So you have to manually turn your Rolex’ crown first for about 30 times in order to make your Rolex tick. After that, you can put your Rolex in an automatic watch winder.

Turn on your watch winder

Next, If you’re not sure about how much TPD or winding direction is required for your watch, you can set up your watch winder in the lowest TPD setting with bi-directional rotation. However, most Rolexes use bi-directional rotation and require about 650 TPD. After you put your Rolex in a watch winder box, you can start turning on your winder. Make sure that your winder rotates smoothly and silently. This is important as most of the best watch winder for Rolex don’t usually produce much motor noise.

After you make sure of that, leave your watch in the winder and wait for approximately 48 hours. Most Rolexes have about 48 hours reserve time before the mainspring loses its tension or until the watch stops ticking.

Check for inaccuracy

After 48 hours, check whether your watch time is still accurate or not. If it turns out that your watch has become inaccurate. Do the previous steps and select for higher TPD than the previous setting. Most of the best watch winder for Rolex will have adjustable rotation features built in the winder. The key here is to have some patience to keep doing some experiment in order to find the perfect setting for your watch.

 If you find that your watch is finally still accurate after 48 hours in a winder, then congratulations! You can finally use your watch winder for your Rolex watch without having to worry about breaking them. To sum up, in order to set up your automatic watch winder correctly, you have to do some experiment in order to find the best setting for your watch. 

How to Set Up Your Rolex Watch Winder for the First Time

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